About Me

I am a Helsinki based award-winning surface designer.

What inspires me most is the Nature: how it is never the same. The weather, the sunlight, the time of the year, they all affect us and the way we feel about ourselves. I love to spend time outside and feel the rain, wind or snow. Spending a week in a tent on a small island by the sea wakes up the senses and gives creativity a kick.

My favorite colour changes every now and then. Almost every season brings a new colour or a colour combination to fall in love with.

I remember loving to draw and paint since I've been able to hold a pencil. My father is a graphic designer and an amateur nature painter and photographer. Since I was a child he has encouraged me to fulfill my need for self expression and offered me equipments.

I have worked several years as a freelacer and an inhouse designer in Helsinki, and I am open for new design and illustration projects.


You can directly e-mail or call me, or use the form on contact page.

jossu.aalto(at-mark here)gmail.com | +358 40 5812 991

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